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Blog problems – skin errors

August 31st 2006 in Uncategorized

I’ve had to change over to default skin while we work out some weird problems – hopefully things will be worked out soon.

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“A trojan horse has been detected in spam emails notifying recipients that they have been charged almost $500 to pay for a non-existent Apple iPod.The Dowdec-A trojan arrives in the messages claiming to be related to the purchase of an iPod. The emails claim that the music player is being shipped via FedEx and that […]

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ETrust is misdetecting lsass.exe as Win32/Lassrv.B, leaving servers unbootable. Instructions on how to recover lsass.exe and get your server going again, and how to stop Etrust from immediately re-deleting lsass.exe can be found here:http://supportconnect.ca.com/sc/kb/techdetail.jsp?searchID=TEC405236&docid=405236&bypass=yes&fromscreen=kbresultsI really do wonder, sometimes, how much testing happens before definition builds are released – "server down" is a seriously bad event.Note: The SBS team have also […]

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