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New Kb article re IE Favorites and Windows 2000

September 6th 2006 in Uncategorized

Its not yet live, but being reported as a new KB

Internet Explorer may lose its Favorites menu intermittently on a Windows 2000-based computer

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McAfee, which calls the process smishing (SMS phishing), has reported that users are receiving SMS messages with the following text: 'We're confirming you've signed up for our dating service. You will be charged US$2/day unless you cancel your order: [web address removed].http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/?p=75 

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Seen at Websense:http://www.websense.com/securitylabs/alerts/alert.php?AlertID=604"The server appears to have been compromised and has been hosting a variety of files for some time (the owners have been contacted).The most current code, which is still available for download, is a Trojan Horse that attempts to disable anti-virus programs, modify registry keys, download additional files, and log keystrokes when connecting to […]

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