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Well, it’s official – I’ve been re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP for the 8th year in a row

October 1st 2006 in Uncategorized

My first Award was October 1999, and I just received notification of my 8th Award this evening.

Internet Explorer has changed a lot over that 8 years; back when I was first awarded we were dealing with Internet Explorer 5, then came IE6 and now we're working on IE7 (with IE8 waiting in the background – I wonder what that will end up being like).

I can remember the beta of WindowsME, and then the beta of Windows XP; now we're working with Windows Vista. 

Sadly we've lost some dear friends of mine from the MVP ranks – Tom Koch, the King of OE, who has been around for even longer than I, and David Liske, a dear friend and HTML Help MVP, is also lost to us.

On the happy side, Robear Dyer has moved away from the Outlook Express (sorry, Windows Live Mail) ranks and has joined the Internet Explorer MVP world.

There are more losses to the MVP ranks of course, but Tom and David are extra close to me, and I'll miss their presence very much at MVP events.

Oh well, onward and upward.  It won't be that long until IE7 is released, and then we can start concentrating on IE8.  The team has done such a marvellous job, I can't wait to see what's around the corner.

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“Well, it’s official – I’ve been re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP for the 8th year in a row”

Thomas Lee


I’ve been re-awareded too and am glad to see many of my friends still around. Keep up the good work.

Robear Dyer, MS MVP (Windows-INTERNET EXPLORER!, OE, Security, Shell/User)

Thanks for the welcome, girlfriend. I must be famous now, being mentioned in your blog.


Congratulation! Sandi. I really appreciate your contributions.


Kool Man…..Great Achievements…
Can anyone how to be MVP?




Great Achievement

How to be MVP?



Garrett Fitzgerald

Congrats, Sandi!

Vincenzo Di Russo [MVP IE]

Congrats Sandi! And thanks for your great work 😉
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