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IE7 rocks the Web browser world…

October 24th 2006 in Uncategorized

Tony Chor reports that IE7 was downloaded over 3 million times in just 4 days.  That's pretty amazing considering Automatic Updates and WSUS have not cranked up yet.

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“IE7 rocks the Web browser world…”


Not World wide yet…

“Just” english speaking OS world 😉

Edward Baines

This does not say how many have subsequently “Un-installed IE7” which I have now done twice in case the download was faulty!

Please keep an eye on this blog entry – it will be updated as new information comes to light.
There are several problems being faced by users of IE7 related to tabbed browsing. 

The option “open in new tab” is missing from the context (right click) menu;
The tab band is missing completely;
Sometimes third party toolbars may […]

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