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IE7 search

October 24th 2006 in Uncategorized

I don't think that anybody can deny that Microsoft are doing all they can to make the very competitive area of Internet searching as fair as is possible in Internet Explorer 7.

Not only does MS offer an Add Search Providers page, but they have taken Eric Law's Search Provider Builder Tool and duplicated it on the Add Search Providers page.  This means that you can add any Search provider you want to IE7's Search Box.

Contrast that with Google, who's toolbar includes GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe that, by default, blocks attempts to change IE to a different default search engine – check out the comments by people complaining about the lack of notification about changes to the toolbar:

You can bet that if MS tried something like that Google would be complaining (again):

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Tony Chor reports that IE7 was downloaded over 3 million times in just 4 days.  That's pretty amazing considering Automatic Updates and WSUS have not cranked up yet.

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