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It must be a slow news day, or a server glitch, or deja vu…

October 25th 2006 in Uncategorized

My RSS feeds alerted me today to the fact that a new article had gone live on bink.nu reporting that Scott Richter has agreed to pay Microsoft UK$7 million – but… that news sure does look familiar.

Edit: Hm, the above URL won't load ATM – did Bink.nu delete the article? 8624 is still there…

Huh? Neowin have reported on the same article:

I'm sure I've read this somewhere before… ages ago… yep, according to Wikipedia all this happened in August 2005:

And bink.nu have already reported on it once before – on 9 August 2005:

As have Neowin – again on 9 August 2005:

The article being cited by bink.nu and Neowin is dated 11 August 2005:

Hmm, two different news sites, both reporting on an article from back in 2005… I can't blame that on a server glitch.. Bink went live first so we'll blame him [;)]  Maybe this is why the term "gestetner sites" was invented.  Hands up how many of you are old enough to remember using a mimeograph?  Yes, I remember using one, way back when I was in High School – I suppose that makes me officially old.


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