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Spamhaus v e360insight – again

October 25th 2006 in Uncategorized

Thanks to my reader 'attorneyfish' (aka David) who pinged me to let me know about some new articles about Spamhaus.  The first article, on a blog that I read regularly, is:

which points here:

It makes for interesting reading.  This issue has never been simply e360insight v Spamhaus – its implications, as I have said for the start, have always had the potential to be far reaching, affecting not only Spamhaus who thought they could sit back in the UK and thumb their noses at the US, but also for all other spam reporting services, especially USA based ones.  Questions like… What is spam? Do listing services have to check the accuracy of spam reports? Do they have to check for opt-out/opt-in? Or can they just take a report and run with it?

You can find all my other articles on Spamhaus via a search of this Blog.

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