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Uninstalling the problematic Adobe Flash player

October 29th 2006 in Uncategorized

Adobe call the fact that you can't remove Flash Player via Add/Remove Programs an enhancement.  "An enhancement on what planet?" says I.

Considering the fact that I am seeing so many reports about flash9.ocx causing crashes in IE7, and so many reports about Web sites not being able to detect the presence of Flash, leading to erroneous "you need to install Flash" errors, lots of people are going to need the uninstaller that Adobe has released …

Anyway, here it is:


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“Uninstalling the problematic Adobe Flash player”


>flash9.ocx causing crashes in IE7

can you comment why it doesn't crash IE6?

Sandi says: I have not said that it does not crash IE6 – I haven't tested to see if it does, having concentrated on IE7 for more than a year now.


As far as Im aware and through my findings, its because of the new tab browsing feature in IE7, just check without oppening an additional tab.

Pissed off

Adobe sucks!!! I have been effectively blocked from my favorite NFL team’s web page because it requires me to install the latest version of Flash. I’ve downloaded Flash about a million times, and the damned thing never runs!! What a bunch of Sh*t!! I even removed my perfectly good version of Macromedia to install the new version of Flash. Flash still didn’t work. Whoever, came up with this sh*t better hope he/she doesn’t cross my path in a dark alley!


I went to the url and this was to uninstall flash.Im sure this would take care of it from crashing on me but whats the point when you need flash correct or am I missing something here?

Fed Up!

Whenever I try to uninstall Adobe Flash Player 9 using their handy dandy uninstall tool, it gets to 38% and hangs! F*ing morons can’t even get the uninstaller right!

Any ideas!

james hunter

I did have the same problem as everyone else seems to have but I downloaded the Firefox browser and the firefox version of flash 9, lo and behold, it works!!! Try Firefox everyone & forget IE7.

James Hunter


If the uninstall fails you amy need to terminate any adobe proccesses running and unregister the OCX file using regsvr32 with – u switch.
Also in some enviroments the install breaks the permissions on the registry keys so you will need to take ownership.
If after that it sill does not work Go Linux :}
No Delete all the Flash (Not the Flash Drive) entries in the registry and delete the folder in System 32


1. We should NOT have to go to Adobe.com website to change settings on FlashPlayer, to get rid of their hidden cookies, on our own hard drives! This is extremely heavyhanded and sneaky of Adobe/Macromedia.

2. Even after you DO change the settings and try to avoid all Flash Player cookies, you will probably get more anyway.

3. If you do BLOCK all Flash Player Cookies, some sites, like youtube.com will NOT work for you, unless you go back and ALLOW the Flash Player Cookies.

4. EVERYONE using Flash Player should demand that Adobe/Macromedia release a patch for their product that enables end-users to change these settings on our own hard drives, without the interference and nosiness of Adobe forcing us to do any changes ON THEIR WEBSITE!

Whose machine is it, anyway?


When will webmasters realize that only a minority* of the users that visit their pages will actually be able to view anything that is offered in this format that Adobe has dumped out as so much steaming fecal matter? Works only occasionally, sporadically and haltingly on my up-to-date, but older (hardware) Linux box. I haven’t found a single WinXP, Win2K box – new or old – with any recent version of Firefox or IE on which this POS works.

Shockwave was a pretty cool thing while Macromedia had it. When they sold out to Adobe they not only sold their product’s soul, but SOLD OUT millions of users!

* [I’m giving the benefit of the doubt it works for SOMEbody]


I purchased the new Kaspersky 2009 Internet Security

It detected and blocked Adobe Flash player 9 ( (new version )

It apparently the highest level of trojan virus and is dangerous to your computer

My old spyware never detected the breech

Kaspersky did

Do not install Adobe Flash 9

The installation of Windows Internet Explorer 7 never finisheshttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/926716

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