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Firefox 2 bitten by old bug

October 30th 2006 in Uncategorized

Its been around since June 2006, and some said it was fixed in Firefox, but it's back…

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Jeez, I tell you, this was one *irritating*, in your face, damned obvious to anybody paying a modicum of attention that something weird is going on, vulnerability to check out … listed as 'moderately critical'.The test works – but only once – you have to refresh the page to get it to work multiple times.Internet Explorer 7 […]

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Edit: fix title. Come on guys – are people really so determined to find bad news about IE7 that they are willing to let important information about a vulnerability go unmentioned in their reports?Despite the Secunia Windows Injection Vulnerability Test URL being http://secunia.com/multiple_browsers_window_injection_vulnerability_test/, and the test itself mentioning multiple Web browsers being affected, many news sites and blogs only […]

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