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User Agent String Utility Version 2 has been released…

November 16th 2006 in Uncategorized

UAST V2 can be downloaded here:

It’s not really a version 2, but rather a version 2A; there is a previous version 2, but the one available for download seems to have some functionality removed.

Original version 2:

New version 2:

It is a pity the ability to report problem URLs to Microsoft has been removed; I quite liked that feature and it was very empowering for the user to be able to do this, with the knowledge that site owners would be more likely to listen to the IE team.  We, the hoi poloi, simply get the brush-off, being told “reinstall IE7” or “uninstall IE7” or no response at all.  MS are harder to ignore.

An improvement to UAS is the explanatory page that appears when you start the utility, stored here:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft User Agent String Utility\IE7asIE6.htm

One problem
When I start UAS using the desktop shortcut I see this error – the error does not occur when I start UAS using the program menu shortcut:

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“User Agent String Utility Version 2 has been released…”


Hi, great site. quick question. does anybody know what virus infected the iPods just recetnly? And how do you know if i have one of them?

hopefully its not a dumb question,



Sandi says:


MS06-067: Cumulative security update for Internet  (not yet live at time of writing)http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/922760
An ActiveX control in an iframe object redraws when you click an HTML element that is located outside the iframe object in Internet Explorer 6 or in Windows Internet Explorer 7 (not yet live at time of writing)http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/926133

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