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Windows Vista – security updates available via Windows Update and WSUS

January 30th 2007 in Uncategorized

Microsoft have released a series of updates for Windows Vista, both x86 and x64 versions, including (finally) a phishing filter update for IE7 that speeds up Web surfing – the XP version of the phishing filter update was released a while back.

Here’s what you will see in a corporate environment if you are using WSUS:

If updates have already been downloaded by your Vista system, or if Windows Update is otherwise active (installing or waiting for a reboot) you will see this icon in the system tray: 

Vista users can access Windows Update easily, by clicking on the Start button and typing Windows Update:

Windows Update will show you what updates are available and away you go – you can install the whole lot or pick and choose – unfortunately, Windows Vista may need a reboot after installation (I thought we weren’t going to have to do that anymore?) and I recommend that you check for further updates after you reboot – my system detected 3 updates on the first run, and another 5 on the second run.  The reboot is a bit disconcerting the first time you see it; the system shuts down normally, then the blue/green loading screen comes up as per normal to let you know that the updates are being installed but then, be warned, your screen may go black again when the system restarts a second time as part of the update installation – it can be a bit scary to see the screen go black again – I actually thought something had gone wrong – but hang in there – if the power is still and there is hard drive activity things should be fine – be patient with lower resource systems.

When installation is finished you can View update history which has a cool feature – if you double click on any entry in Update History a new window will open just like this one that describes the update in detail:

Installed Updates window (see the failed ATI  and Atheros updates? That’s how the Ferrari 5000 was delivered to me – not too good Acer)

 Updates detail window

Windows Update:

Selecting updates:

Updates successfully installed:

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