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FYI: Trend CSM 3.5, Small Business Server 2003 and the .notaccount user account

February 17th 2007 in Uncategorized

I installed Trend CSM 3.5 on my SBS2003 server at the office a little while ago.  A few days later I noted security alerts in my Server Performance Reports that merited further investigation.

The errors are the classic “unknown user name or bad password” which is not unusual in and of itself – all of us who look after servers see such errors quite regularly when the bad guys try to guess usernames and passwords in an attempt to get into our servers.  What is unusual is that the username is strange, and the errors are occurring every day.

A little investigation reveals that the errors are being caused by Trend CSM 3.5.  Messy Trend, very messy – I don’t like my security logs being filled with aberrant 529 alerts.

I conducted a quick search of Trend’s online knowledgebase for “.notaccount”, and “error 529” and “529” with zero results, so I don’t have a fix yet [:(]

Screenshot of error:

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“FYI: Trend CSM 3.5, Small Business Server 2003 and the .notaccount user account”


Thanks for posting this. We have the same problem in our servers. You are not alone.


Yes thanks for posting. I seeing this on one of our servers as well SBS2003 with new CSM 3.5


Looks like a general issue with Trend CSM 3.5

Thanks for posting this … some (little) comfort in knowing that I am not alone with this problem.


Yeah – same problem here. I will poke one of my contacts at Trend to see if there is anything known / planned in relation.


Thanks Lee. I’ll be interested to heaar what the outcome of your enquiries is; I still don’t know why it’s happening. It’s an irritating bug to put up with – makes a mess of my logs 🙂


There is apparently an updated version of mdHOConsole.dll that fixes the error described. Will post when I have received the fix and tested.

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