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New IE7 KB article – blank Web pages in IE7

February 21st 2007 in Uncategorized

A Web page is blank in IE7

No fix just yet; simply a note that they’re aware of the cause and working on it.

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“New IE7 KB article – blank Web pages in IE7”

Rod Trent

There’s an easy fix to this one — just set a new tab to open your designated Home Page (usually a Search site).

Following on from my article about malware spreading via the Windows Live Messenger banner advertisements, there is another report that malware was being advertised via MSN Groups.
You can see the report, and screenshots, here:http://apcmag.com/5382/microsoft_apologises_for_serving_malware_to_customers
I’m hoping to get in touch with the magazine’s correspondent to gather more information about the incident – times and dates etc […]

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Ok, *this* vulnerability demo is good.  Unlike other IE7 vulnerabilities that have been reported that resulted in weird behaviour that made it obvious to all but the most unobservant user that something weird is going on, this one is pretty much impossible to spot.
That being said, to take advantage of the vulnerability you’re going to […]

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