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IEAK web site 0wn3d.

April 29th 2007 in Uncategorized

Update: the ieak.microsoft.com/1.0/… links are M.I.A as at 5.59pm 29 April, Perth local time.

Go here:

Click on “look up customization code” to go here:

Then click on “License and Registration Page” link:

The following has been inserted into the page’s source code:

<body onload=”document.body.innerHTML='<p align=center><font size=7>Own3d by Cyber-Terrorist</font><img src=http://c2000.com/gifs/billgates.jpg><p align=center><font size=7>–Cyb3rT–</font></p>

The code results in what looks like a redirect, but isn’t. What you see instead of the Microsoft’s intended content for the page is:

As far as I can tell, this incident was originally reported in the blogosphere by: http://www.alex-smith.me.uk/?p=76

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Too funny:http://www.irintech.com/x1/blogarchive.php?id=954

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