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msfeedicon version 2.3 has been released

April 30th 2007 in Uncategorized

I love this little programme, which is a free RSS plugin for IE7.  It adds an icon to your system tray and displays when you have unread posts in your subscribed RSS feeds.  It can be downloaded here:

msfeedicon offers the following features:

  • Icon in the system tray indicating status of you feed subscriptions

  • Displays notifications when a feed contains new posts (customisable)

  • Automatically marks a feed as read (customisable)

  • Force an update on all feeds

  • Star a notification for later reading

  • Mark as read without viewing the feed

  • Cancel subscription from notification window

  • Searching the new posts for specific Tags so you can select which posts are interesting to you

  • Feed statistics

  • Install and uninstall program

  • Shows notifications when a new version of msfeedicon exists (customisable)

  • Enable or disable the automatic synchronization of Windows RSS platform

  • Presentation mode aware (Windows Vista only)

Personally I prefer msfeedicon to Feeds Plus (even though Feeds Plus was developed by the IE RSS team) because Feeds Plus just didn’t behave well on my system and it isn’t as feature rich as msfeedicon, but if you want to compare the products, Feeds Plus can be downloaded here:

You can find my previous comments about Feeds plus here:

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“msfeedicon version 2.3 has been released”


Hey you should check out (if you haven’t already) RikiReader by fellow Aussie Doug Stockwell.  His site is http://11011.net but RikiReader can be installed via ClickOnce using http://11011.net/track/clickonce/rikreader_x86/RikReader.application

Update: the ieak.microsoft.com/1.0/… links are M.I.A as at 5.59pm 29 April, Perth local time.
Go here:http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/ie/ieak/license/default.mspx
Click on “look up customization code” to go here:http://ieak.microsoft.com/1.0/lookupcode.asp
Then click on “License and Registration Page” link:http://ieak.microsoft.com/1.0/newlicensee.asp
The following has been inserted into the page’s source code:
<body onload=”document.body.innerHTML='<p align=center><font size=7>Own3d by Cyber-Terrorist</font><img src=http://c2000.com/gifs/billgates.jpg><p align=center><font size=7>–Cyb3rT–</font></p>
The code results in what looks like a redirect, […]

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