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Trend CSM 3.6 and Veritas backup conflict – automatic maintenance of quarantine directories causes Veritas backup to fail

May 28th 2007 in Uncategorized

Edit 29 May: the job failed again overnight  [:S]

Edit 30 May: we increased the job time limit from 4 hours to 8 hours, which revealed that since enabling the email filtering in the Trend console the time it takes for the Citrix_Exchange_Sql backup job to complete has jumped from 3.30 hours to 5.30 hours.

I’ve been seeing the following Veritas error over the past few days (note, error edited to remove server name):

“Backup Exec Alert: Job Cancellation (Server: “******”) (Job: “***_FULL_Backup_Citrix_Exchange_&_SQL”) The job was automatically canceled because it exceeded the job’s maximum configured run time.”

We had created a new SQL database back in late March, but Veritas had run fine for close to two months before the errors started.

I had enabled various email filters on the day the errors started occurring – specifically profanity, sexual and racial discrimination, hoaxes and chain mail filters, and it is only since then that the problem was occurring.  I also noticed that quarantine maintenance was occurring at 2.30am and the affected Veritas job is set to run at 1.00am meaning the backup and quarantine maintenance were overlapping.

I disabled automatic maintenance and the Veritas error ceased.  Therefore, it seems to be that it is Trend CSM 3.6 that was causing the problem, or more precisely automatic maintenance of the Trend quarantine folders – I’m not sure *why* this would be the case, because the Trend quarantine folders are completely separate to the Citrix_Exchange_SQL directories that are being backed up, but that’s what I’m seeing. 

There seems to be no easy way to control *when* the automatic maintenance of the Trend quarantine databases occurs, nor to find out how long the maintenance takes, so for the time being the option will stay turned off – there is only half an hour between one backup job finishing and the next starting, and if I push the failing job out to, say, 3.00am I run the risk of the backup job not being complete when staff start work for the day (which invariably causes issues in and of itself).

If there is a way to control when the automatic maintenance of the Quarantine folders occurs, please let me know – it’s the type of job that can run during business hours [:)]

Screenshot of relevant setting:


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