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Power to the people – WGA helps shut down the biggest software counterfeiting outfit in history

July 25th 2007 in Uncategorized

“Earlier today the Chinese government and the FBI announced the largest bust of counterfeit software manufacturing or distribution ever. The bust by the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB) in cooperation with the FBI and help from Microsoft and others was of a syndicate, headquartered in China’s Southern Guangdong province that is estimated to have sold more than $2 billion in counterfeit Microsoft software in 27 countries.

More than 1,000 Microsoft customers in 12 different countries who had counterfeits from this particular source used WGA to learn their software was counterfeit, submitted the counterfeits to Microsoft, and forensic and intelligence specialists then traced the counterfeits back to the criminal syndicate in China.”

Source (including picture of pirated software):

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“Power to the people – WGA helps shut down the biggest software counterfeiting outfit in history”


Thats great news, now if I could only get my legitimate copy of XP to stop telling me it’s not Genuine.
Seriously, I’m glad they caught these people, but did MS and the Chinese Gov really need WGA TO FIND A factory? It’s a great big building! An operation like that isn’t in someones basement!

Microsoft needs to find the people who supply Best Buy with Pirated copies of XP I have bought two copies of XP that WGA told me were not genuine there. They should imprison the CEO of Best Buy!

One advantage to WGA is I USED to be a hardware junkie, Whenever the latest video card etc. would come out I would blow half my salary buying it. Now I know WGA will activate and I will have to buy yet another copy of XP so I think before I go out and get new hardware. This has saved me so much mony I bought a new Dell with Linux on it.


No comment………..?

Yep, I’ve been hit by this one :o(
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