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I’ve been tagged too – stuff i couldn’t live without

July 29th 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s all Brian’s fault – here I am, after taking the weekend off, escaping to my holiday unit to read Harry Potter, trying to catch up on the millions of emails that arrived during my 24 hour absence (and the 3 million spam hiding said million important emails), when I spot that Brian wants me to do this tagging thing….

Ok, so what are the things Sandi could not live without….

  1. First and foremost – that which beats all others – my music – I own far too many CDs covering every music style know to man except for trance – I have a home built jukebox PC installed in my primary work area, with a kick ass surround-sound card and speakers and it plays constantly, in shuffle mode, all day when I’m at home, and it plays loud.

    Same with the car – maybe one day I’ll get a CD stacker, but for now every spare nook and cranny is filled with CD cases and again, the music is played LOUD – drives the family nuts, especially on long trips.

  2. RSS – I could not do what I do without it – I can monitor hundreds of information sources at a glance.  It’s been invaluable in helping me protect the networks that I am responsible for.
  3. My car – a Ford Explorer – I love that beast and I’ve been the recipient of some *strange* looks when I’ve been driving down the freeway with the rear seats laid flat and the cargohold full to the brim with old PC monitors, PC cases, keyboards, mice etc that are being trashed after a network rebuild. 

    I’ve driven 4WDs since I first got my licence and my father still owns the Toyota Landcruiser that I learned to drive in – it’s done over a million kilometers now and is still going strong – and I still say it wasn’t me that wrecked the clutch all those years ago, it was my brother.

  4. The air filter cover on my Dad’s Toyota Landcruiser…. “is she nuts??” I hear you say… actually no, there’s a story behind that cover.   Years and years ago I worked for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken as it used to be known), first out the front serving customers and then out the back cooking the chicken itself.  I remember to this day, not long after I started, a TV advertising campaign was launched and we were allocated stickers to hand out to customers to go with the campaign.  Here I was, 15 or so years old, and I took one of those stickers home and told my Dad that he had to put it somewhere really important… so he stuck it on the Toyota’s air filter cover, and the last time I checked it was still there.  There’s something special about the fact that the sticker still exists to this day.
  5. My holiday unit – it’s “out bush” and there is no telephone line installed (and the only cellphone service is CDMA – GSM doesn’t work), no air conditioning or heating, only 4 television channels (on a good day) – and it’s a stone throw from the ocean.  Because I’m a coffee snob we have a semi-automatic coffee machine so that we can have a decent coffee in the morning, but apart from that it is anti-technology – we often fish for our dinner and eat what we catch (except for my daughter – ever since she saw her father cleaning the day’s catch she has refused to eat fish – it had never occurred to her that eating animal products involves killing an animal) and it is peace personified.  Yes, if all the scare stories about global warming and rising sea levels come to pass then we may be in a spot of bother, but I love to go up there when I need a time out – I’ll either sleep all day or sit on the jetty while hubby fishes and I contemplate the sunset/sunrise, and I always come back with a sense of peace and a good supply of cuttlefish bone for the bird aviary at home.

    My favorite fish recipe? That’s easy – all you need is some greased Alfoil (aluminum to you non-aussies), some butter, tomatoes, onions, some breadcrumbs and Herbamare…. stuff the cleaned fish’s abdominal cavity with the tomatoes, onions and butter and a smidge of breadcrumbs, sprinkle with a bit of Herbamare… wrap in greased Alfoil and cook for the appropriate time for the size of the fish…. wonderful….

  6. My laptop – one of the infamous Ferrari 5000 blogger laptops – and to go with it my Targus Notebook stand and removable Chill Hub.
  7. Software (as in stuff I use everyday) – Fiddler, Microsoft Network Monitor, SnagIt, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and a few other bits and pieces that I can’t tell you about Winking

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