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viruses, worms, botnets and hacking – instructional videos for new computer users

July 29th 2007 in Uncategorized

I admit, there are some statements in the first video that I would argue with (such as 50% of all spam coming from bots – it is far more than that – and some of the technical statements are inaccurate) but overall the videos are a good start and they get the message across.  Their target audience is the new computer user who is a true naivete when it comes to the dangers of the online world – Grandma and Grandpa, for example, who have purchased their first computer at the behest of distant family members determined to send the grandparents photos of the grandchildren via email.

The first video, a cartoon animation, tries to explain the danger of computer viruses, worms and botnets in a way that the uninitiated can understand.   Developed for the computer user at home, the animation will introduce them to the world of botnets, how they are created, how they develop themselves and how the home user can easily become a victim. It also shows how the computer user can protect him or herself against such criminal activity on the Internet and be aware of it.  The security advice is basic, but sound – install antivirus and keep it updated, install a firewall, install security updates for software and operating systems, and do not open email attachments that you do not trust.

The videos are available for download here:

Windows Media Video, 18MB
Windows Media Video, 23MB

A large screen presentation is available for in-house training seminars: MPEG, 108MB

The Stevens Family (Hacker Demo)

This movie shows how easily we can be the victim of a hacker if we have not taken care of the proper IT security measures. The family, father Ed (who is a doctor), mother Anne, son Dave and daughter Megan all use the Internet differently – I wonder if you will guess, before the fact, who was responsible for the hacker being able to infiltrate their home network.

Source: http://www.waarschuwingsdienst.nl/render.html?cid=106  (waarschunwingsdienst.nl is a website owned by the Computer Emergency Response Team for the Dutch government)

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