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One little apostrophe made all the difference

September 16th 2007 in Uncategorized

This link, when clicked on in Outlook, generated an error message in IE7 (The original URL is now changed, so don’t try it):


The error was:

Internet Explorer cannot read this webpage format  HTTP 406 
   What you can try:
     Go back to the previous page.
     More information

This error (HTTP 406 Not Acceptable) means that Internet Explorer was able to receive information from the website you visited, but the information was not in a format that Internet Explorer can display.

**But**, if we went to the site in question, then clicked on the very same link on the web page, the page opened successfully.

The site author needed to edit the URL so that it would work for IE7 users to this:


The cause of the problem was the apostrophe in the original URL.  To quote the site owner when notified of the problem:

“for some folks its taken as a literal, for others its escaped.  The literal ‘ we 406 on”

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