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Cool. Some nice publicity for IE-VISTA…

September 15th 2007

IE-VISTA is featured on the Internet Explorer Community Site, and the Windows Vista Community site, and my latest article, Don’t Take The Bait!, is currently a featured column.   You can see my article about phishing scams, Don’t Take The Bait!, here.  Word is that the article has the highest satisfaction rating ever, at 0.91 out of […]

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me.dium updated again

September 15th 2007

An important change that needs to be noted is that all me.dium profiles are now public, albeit with limited information.   Looked at the from the perspective of my earlier comments about my concerns about people on my friends list having private profiles, the change is a good thing in that I’m not blocked from seeing […]

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Keyloggers compulsory in Mumbai Internet Cafes…

September 13th 2007

“The Mumbai police are in dialogue with M/s Micro Technologies for procuring a software called CARMS (Cyber Access Remote Monitoring System), a powerful monitoring tool that seeks to curb cyber crime. CARMS monitors web browsing, file transfers, news, chats, messaging and e-mail, including all encoded attachments. In a sensitive environment, CARMS can also be used […]

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Quicktime and Firefox vulnerability

September 13th 2007

“In practice I can do anything with the browser, like installing browser backdoors, and the operating system if the victim is running with administrative privileges. However, just for the sake of this demonstration, I simply open calc.exe. Keep in mind that the exploit is cross-platformed.” and “Before we move on, I have to say a […]

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You cannot log on to an FTP site or you are redirected to the root folder of the FTP site in IE7

September 13th 2007

“There are two main methods to use FTP in Windows. One method uses Windows Explorer to browse FTP sites by using a folder-based interface. By default, Internet Explorer uses this method. The other method uses an implementation in Internet Explorer that is based on the WinINet API. When you use this method, you browse FTP […]

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A potential end to free speech on the internet?

September 12th 2007

2Clix has sued the owner of the Australia based Whirlpool chat forums for $150,000.00 and requested the permanent removal of two threads criticizing the 2Clix software. 2Clix, a less than reputable software company, has filed suit against the founder of the Whirlpool forums, because of negative comments made about 2Clix software by Whirlpool forum participants. […]

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Microsoft Update goes a little haywire…

September 12th 2007

So, what do we do when Microsoft Update offers this…. But this is installed….  

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September security bulletins

September 11th 2007

MS07-051: Vulnerability in Microsoft Agent Could Allow Remote CodeExecution (938827)Severity: Criticalhttp://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS07-051.mspx MS07-052: Vulnerability in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Could AllowRemote Code Execution (941522)Severity: Importanthttp://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS07-052.mspx MS07-053: Vulnerability in Windows Services for UNIX Could AllowElevation of Privilege (939778)Severity: Importanthttp://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS07-053.mspx MS07-054: Vulnerability in MSN Messenger and Windows Live MessengerCould Allow Remote Code Execution (942099)Severity: Importanthttp://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS07-054.mspx

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Did Sandi spam news.admin.net-abuse.email?

September 10th 2007

In answer to the question posted by Paul Wright here:http://msmvps.com/blogs/spywaresucks/archive/2007/09/10/1184164.aspx#1184814 “Are you the person spamming links to this all over news.admin.net-abuse.email, by the way? Hope not.” I did NOT spam my article about the e360 v Spamhaus decision at news.admin.net-abuse.email, or anywhere else for that matter.  Here are the headers of the post to that […]

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Spamhaus v e360: Spamhaus loses

September 10th 2007

I hate to say “I told you so”, but I told you so. Back in October 2006 I said: “What I want to know is, where the heck were Spamhaus’s legal counsel when Spamhaus made the very silly decision to simply ignore the US lawsuit because they’re in the UK and they felt somehow “safe”?  […]

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