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October 30th 2007 in Uncategorized

The signal to noise ratio with regard to trackbacks and pings has gotten so bad that I have (reluctantly) disabled Trackbacks.  So much crap was coming through, so often, that I had no choice.  The spammers have finally worked out that, at least for CS, even if comments are all set to ‘must be approved’, trackbacks and pings are still automatically published.

It sucks, but such is life.  Until such time as Telligent wake up to themselves, drag their sorry asses into the real world, and give us the ability to manage trackbacks like we can manage comments, then the status quo will have to remain.



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I recommend that you read the following article on the Panda Labs site, published last Friday.  It is a great example of how the low-lifes are thinking outside the box and coming up with very clever ways to get around our various online protections (in this case, captcha).

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“During the first hour or so, I needed to search for something. Live Search was the only provider, as would be expected. Sometime later, I decided to add Google as a search option. But when I clicked on the Microsoft link to “find more providers,” IE 7 went to a Google search page. […]

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