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Fraudware: IE Defender

October 30th 2007 in Uncategorized

I see on one of my mailing lists that there has been an upsurge in reported infections by a fraudware known as IE Defender.

A description of the fraudware (including screenshots) and cleanup instructions can be found here – thankfully it’s easy enough to remove. 

Note the various tricks the product uses to fool victims into purchasing the product – the pop-ups warning of a non-existent infection on computers, the fake info-bar and web browser error page, and the hijacked Google and Yahoo searches with fake results.

While you’re at bleepingcomputer, you should check out the other information that is available there – it’s an excellent resource of descriptions and screenshots of various malware and fraudware, as well as clean-up tools.

Thanks to Lawrence for putting the article together…


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“Fraudware: IE Defender”


panda pro killed this nasty virus for me seems to be the only thing that works at the mo and it only cost me 8 quid. my norton was totally useless.you need to use the advanced setting

Bernard Smith

I just got caught by IE Defender and am having one difficult time getting rid of it. I am almost ready to wipe out my system and boot it up again. It is nasty.


Hi Bernard,

IE Defender shouldn’t be that difficult to remove.  I’d get over to castlecops or aumha.org and ask them to check things out before you reformat.



To get my computer to work properly had to go to restore system when my computer worked properly. Sure messed up my operation.

Jimmy B.

My system is suffering from the IE-Defender symptoms (screwed up Google results, etc), yet the IED program isn’t showing up on my Add/Remove Programs list. Actually, I never installed the program on my computer. Any idea on what I can do?


I had the same issues…very simple to remove. I had a little trouble starting up after if was removed but, system is working great again. I used http://www.superantispyware.com it has a free download and it gets rid of it!!

Heba Saleh

I too can’t find it on my Add/Remove programs list. I never installed it and I have been trying to use Ad Aware 2007 the free version which has an update for IEdefender but it doesn’t work. The scan just freezes after a while when it is scanning the folder..Maybe I am doing something wrong . Help pls. I am going mad

Michael Repp

I’d like to get my hands on the asswipes that wrote IE defender. You know not all of us want to be tech experts and just like to have our devices for our own use.

Michael Repp

I’d like to get my hands on the asswipes that wrote IE defender. You know not all of us want to be tech experts and just like to have our devices for our own use.

John Smith

I followed bleeping computer instructions and at the end you had to pay for the virus software(I have Mcafee and AVG).
Bleeping computer don’t mention that it costs$ and the steps they told on the site- didn’t do Jack sh*T


@John Smith

Bleepingcomputer don’t mention cost because there is no cost.

There is no charge to download FixIED.reg – simply click on the link and download the file.

Panda’s online scan is free as well – free to scan and free to clean (note I didn’t test the “company” option – many scans that are free for home or personal use are not free to businesses).

BTW, do NOT run two antivirus products at the same time – run McAfee *or* AVG – NOT both.


arghh….this thing is sh#@ …its hard for non pc expert like me to remove it…


I am having the SAME problem! I used bleeping computer – followed all the instructions and still have the false results in google searches and pop ups that want me to click on them. I’m going to try the http://www.superantispyware.com suggested by CJ. I really don’t know what else to do. I don’t know if I can even trust the Panda site….why would I use my credit card online when I know there is infection on my computer???? HELLO!

Ethan Henderson

Yea, so you definitely have to pay for the clean up part. I can’t see anywhere else where there is a FREE clean up…


My brother was infected with IE Defender and ended up paying for the IE Defender software. I’m just curious if the site he purchased it from (http://www.iedefender.com/) is also fraudulent. I’m a bit worried because I don’t want his debit card info in the wrong hands.

James Kim (93)

After I paid for and installed IE Defender, I came across this forum and found out that this company is fradulent. I can’t find the company’s customer support website so that I can cancel my order. I need HELP. Does anyone know how to make contact? I charged it on my Visa credit card. Aloha from Hawaii and Happy Holidays!

Steve Jones

If your computer has been infected with Trojan.Win32.Starfield, it is a bogus attempt for Enigma Software Inc. out of Lebanon trying to get you to purchase software that will remedy your problem. I found the free fix for this attack on the following website:


Hi all,
According to the latest mail-out by the Windows Team at Microsoft Australia (“Exploring Windows”), the IE7 phishing filter is now preventing nearly one million visits per week to known dangerous websites – that’s one million potential malware infections, one million potential financial thefts, one million potential identity thefts.
The October 2007 mail-out also features my […]

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