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Google: another sign of the next Evil Empire?

October 30th 2007 in Uncategorized

Check this out:

During the first hour or so, I needed to search for something. Live Search was the only provider, as would be expected. Sometime later, I decided to add Google as a search option. But when I clicked on the Microsoft link to “find more providers,” IE 7 went to a Google search page. I also found Google to have been added as a second search option, but not by me. The redirection meant that I couldn’t directly add other search providers. I had two choices: Google and Windows Live Search.

Does this strike anyone else as strange coincidence? Google becomes a second search provider, and redirection to a Google search page prevents the addition of more providers?

Google has loudly squawked about IE 7 search—that Microsoft leveraged its monopoly in an anti-competitive way. I don’t agree. Windows XP users upgrading to IE 7 keep their IE 6 search defaults. For Vista, the OEM decides the search defaults. On Dell PCs, Google is the default. In addition, IE 7’s feature for adding more search providers is strikingly similar to Firefox. If it’s good enough for Firefox, surely IE 7 is good enough, too.

I long have believed that Google accused Microsoft of what it is guilty [of]: cutting deals where it is the exclusive search provider. Microsoft won’t do that because of its monopoly. Microsoft got into legal trouble for exclusive deals during the browser wars with Netscape. Those days are gone. Microsoft goes for choice in search (at least so far), contrary to Google allegations.”

The redirection of “add more search providers” to block out all competitors and allow only Google is not something I have heard of before, and it worries me.  Don’t get me wrong – I haven’t got a lot of respect of Joe – some of the stuff he has said over the years has been utter bullshit.. but if he is saying that he has been hijacked by Google, whether it be by his own mistake or Google doing the wrong thing… well, if Joe, a supposed professional, is confused.. where the hell does this leave the vast majority of users who are naivettes?

Joe is not the only person to experience problems where Google seems to be a player.  Read here.

I click on the expander icon to the right of the search box.
I click “Change Search Defaults.”
I only saw Google in the list, so I clicked “Remove” – this doesn’t work as I need to find another search provider first, Microsoft tells me.
I click on “Find more providers…” at the bottom of the dialog.
The dialog closes… and nothing happens.

And here, by Pierre at May 23, 2007 12:45 AM :

everything was fine until I clicked find more providers. I get sent to a Google search page. http://www.google.com/search?q={searchTerms}&rls=com.microsoft:{language}:{referrer:source?}&ie={inputEncoding}&oe={outputEncoding}&sourceid=ie7. I do not want anything related to google, but google won’t let me change it. How do I force another search provider around the evil google? 🙂

I know that Gateway has ties with Google.. cite this link.

It has been a long time since I have believed that Google truly intend to abide by their “do no evil” mantra (my apologies if I have not got the mantra quite right).

Oh, and did you hear about the latest scandal about Google’s oops MySpace’s Tom Anderson lying about his age for all these years?  I have this rule, you see for when I interact with people… and that rule is “if I can’t trust you with the little things, I can’t trust you with the big things”.  Ok, so for me, *age* is a little thing, although for Tom it seems to have been a big thing… but, if the guy is willing to build an entire personality based on a 3 year time difference, and seemingly doesn’t have a problem wiith that… then how can I trust him to walk the hard road when faced with something *really* important.

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“Google: another sign of the next Evil Empire?”

Angus S-F

Is it “Google’s” Tom Anderson or “MySpace’s” Tom Anderson?  According to the linked story, Tom Anderson is a co-founder of MySpace, not Google.  His Wikipedia page has no mention of any involvement with Google.

C’mon, if you’re going to whine about Google, get it right!


Yeah, I slipped up – sucks to be me, hmm? ;o)

Now, getting back to my whine, do you have any input about the rest of the article?

Angus S-F

No other comments, as I don’t use IE so I have not done any changing of the search options.

Robear Dyer, MS MVP

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