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Another dangerous Sensis advert

November 13th 2007 in Uncategorized

Same advert, different size:



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“Another dangerous Sensis advert”

Rhys Brett-Bowen


I’m the operations manager at Sensis Mediasmart – the division that takes care of these ads.

Thankyou for finding this malware. I have now removed these adverts and all sites in the Sensis network are safe to visit.


Gary Doughty

Just to be clear, Skyauction.com had no part in the creation and distribution of these ads.

Skyauction.com is a victim along with the general public in this situation as the reputation of Skyauction is damaged by this type of malicious behavior.

These “ads” are not associated with any advertising campaign ever used by Skyauction.com The ads were created by some third party by stealing the logo from the Skyauction web site and have a completely different design from Skyauction’s approved ad campaigns. In addition, Skyauction has no affiliation with the company that served the ads, Sensis.

The malicious Flash advertisement is still being displayed, and is still hijacking visitors to the web site.
I’ll continue to check throughout the day.
Sensis has not responded to my attempt to contact them last night.

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The local Sensis branch is closed, so I had to call the 1800 number.
Sensis staff now have a Fiddler capture from me that proves that the redirect is occurring, they have my cell phone number, and my email address, and they have information about my various blog posts about this incident.
Now we wait and see how long […]

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