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Sensis update

November 13th 2007 in Uncategorized

The local Sensis branch is closed, so I had to call the 1800 number.

Sensis staff now have a Fiddler capture from me that proves that the redirect is occurring, they have my cell phone number, and my email address, and they have information about my various blog posts about this incident.

Now we wait and see how long it takes Sensis to respond and take down the dangerous advertisements, and what they will do to minimise the chance of this happening again in the future.

Update: See the comment by a Sensis employee here. It seems the malicious advertisements have been pulled; I’ll continue to monitor the situation.

I’ve just had a look and the Flash advertisements can still be accessed via the direct URLs, and they are still hijacking users if displayed.  I haven’t seen them displayed at whitepages.com.au but will continue to monitor the situation.  I’ll be happiest when those advertisements can no longer be accessed, even via direct URL.


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Same advert, different size: medrx.sensis.com.au/content/SkyAuction/106804/skyauction_728x90.swf  

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Both of the Sensir URLs mentioned earlier in the article are now 404 – that’s a good thing.
medrx.sensis.com.au/content/SkyAuction/106804/skyauction_300x250.swf  – dead
medrx.sensis.com.au/content/SkyAuction/106804/skyauction_728x90.swf – dead
Now, if only we could get the problems in the USA and UK cleaned up as easily – I’ll be posting later about very similar redirects that are hitting visitors to allmusic.com and another […]

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