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www.whitepages.com.au – the problems continue

November 13th 2007 in Uncategorized

The malicious Flash advertisement is still being displayed, and is still hijacking visitors to the web site.

I’ll continue to check throughout the day.

Sensis has not responded to my attempt to contact them last night.

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“www.whitepages.com.au – the problems continue”

alex eckelberry

It’s a plague out there… I’ve written about it here and referenced you:



Thanks Alex :o)


When you first hit the redirect, this is what you will see.  Please forgive the greyed out sections in the IE history (internal URLs).  Open Practice is our accounting program and unrelated to the hijack. Now, the History you see in the screenshot is in order of sites visited – the first quick check to make […]

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Same advert, different size: medrx.sensis.com.au/content/SkyAuction/106804/skyauction_728x90.swf  

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