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Do me a favour – dump Symantec

November 14th 2007 in Uncategorized

Check this out:

I ask you, can you trust an antivirus product that cannot distinguish an advertisement or cookie related URL and a “if you can’t get to this address you can’t update your antivirus” URL?

In the current environment, where advertising networks are being compromised all over the world, and any web site could serve up a malicious advertisement, how dare Symantec remove such protection.  Damn it, they need to join the real world and start fighting the *real* risks, not just throwing out an all encompassing net and hoping that whatever they catch happens to be something worthwhile.

You know what I want? I want Symantec to detect malicious Flash advertisements.  I want them to stop the hijacking redirects.  But I do *not* want them to screw around with legitimate changes to the HOSTS file.

Yes, I know, I am on record as saying that protective HOSTS files are no more than the modern version of whack-a-mole, but what the hey, if any of you want to go down that path, then I don’t Symantec screwing things up.

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“Do me a favour – dump Symantec”


I have dumped Symantec since years ago.


They went into the dumper several years ago when the software started getting *really* bloated. Using McAfee Internet Security Suite now and am really quite happy with it (esp. since the 3-pack was free after rebate).

This afternoon, let’s have a look at the hijack that is affecting www.ok-magazine.com, right on the front page. The dangerous SWF is hosted by r2d2advertising: r2d2adverising.com/edges/fast_get.php?bs=763392451522918384433822949288977796434723741732 From there we’re dragged through to newbieadguide.com: newbieadguide.com/statsa.php?campaign=2fact0ry&u=1194994157514 We then bound over to blessedads: blessedads.com/?cmpid=2fact0ry&adid=gsd2 And prevedmarketing.com: prevedmarketing.com/?tmn=mwatmp&aid=2fact0ry&lid=gsd2&ex=1&ed=2 And end at, you guessed it, scanner2.malware-scan.com: scanner2.malware-scan.com/4_swp/?tmn=mwatmp&aid=2fact0ry&lid=gsd2_ao_3958_0_10228_ao_&ex=1&ed=2&tmn=null&mt_info=3958_0_10228 I am sure, gentle reader, […]

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