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MalwareAlarm again.. this time it’s www.ok-magazine.com

November 14th 2007 in Uncategorized

This afternoon, let’s have a look at the hijack that is affecting www.ok-magazine.com, right on the front page.

The dangerous SWF is hosted by r2d2advertising:


From there we’re dragged through to newbieadguide.com:


We then bound over to blessedads:


And prevedmarketing.com:


And end at, you guessed it, scanner2.malware-scan.com:


I am sure, gentle reader, that you will recognise blessedads and prevedmarketing from the incident that hit whitepages.com.au over the past 24 hours or so.

Screenshots follow of the malicious advertisement itself, a shot of the advertisement in-situ at www.ok-magazine.com and a screenshot of an unrefutable packet capture. Of course, the appropriate authorities are welcome to a copy of the data.


The advertisement





The advertisement in-situ at www.ok-magazine.com


The proof that the advertisement is malicious…


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“MalwareAlarm again.. this time it’s www.ok-magazine.com”


DNS Redirector (see http://www.dnsredirector.com) has all these domains in their advertisement block list, if you’re using it you’ll never be bothered by this nonsense again. While I’m running it on a server, providing filtered DNS service to all the PCs running on the network, you can also accomplish this simple protection for free – by adding the domains to your windows HOSTS file or by using DNS Redirector Personal Edition …which is new, and I haven’t tried yet, but I suspect this is just as an administrative nightmare as individual hosts files on each PC.


I really appreciate the work you have been doing. I just ran into scanner2.malware-scan.com on a commercial, but I am not sure from where it jumped up at me. Once I limit it down (this is twice it has happened) I may send you an email to see if you can bring attention to it. I have not your skills to do so, but reading this blog has put my mind at ease about what was going on. You are doing great work.


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