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Email just sent to the online contact address responsible for advertising on www.allmusic.com

November 19th 2007 in Uncategorized

Here it is… now we just wait and see if they respond, and how they respond… watch this space…

Note that the ‘sent’ date and time is obscured to disguise my current time zone – you’ll understand why I do that if you read the article referenced, “Winfixer hide ‘n’ seek: explaining why some people see the ads, and some don’t”


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Once again we are going to see some familiar names – blessedads and prevedmarketing. I have received numerous complaints about malicious banner advertisements being displayed at www.allmusic.com.  The banner advertisement that I saw redirects victims to a site touting something called Deuce Cleaner Inc.  Interestingly, there is little to be found via various Google searches […]

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US-CERT is aware of reports of a Trojan spreading via MSN Messenger.  The Trojan arrives as a chat message that appears to contain an image file, that when opened, downloads and installs a Internet Relay Chat Bot. These messages may appear to come from a known contact.
Source: http://www.us-cert.gov/current/index.html#msn_messenger_trojan
Y’know, whenever anybody sends me a link or […]

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