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Negligent technical support advice from TomTom

November 19th 2007 in Uncategorized

Never never never never NEVER tell users to turn off their computers firewalls.

You can read my brief dialogue with TomTom’s technical support here – yes, I suppose I should have tried switching from wireless to wired before contacting TomTom, but all other downloads from their service were working just fine – it was only maps that were affected, so I was expecting to receive a response indicating high demand on their servers or something like that.

Let’s consider TomTom’s response logically.

I told them only one download is failing and that I was able to download everything else – therefore we can rule out a problem with antivirus or firewall or router or proxy – if *they* were the problem *all* downloads would fail, not just one.

Obviously their response was no more than a scripted answer sent by somebody who saw ‘downloads failing’ and didn’t pay attention to anything else I said.

So let me repeat…

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER tell users to turn off their firewalls as a troubleshooting step – EVER.


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