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At least the Feedburner gang have a sense of humour…

November 20th 2007 in Uncategorized

Spotted on their blog…


Yeah, I saw the drop too, but subscribers always seem to drop away on weekends anyway, so I didn’t think that much of it.

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“At least the Feedburner gang have a sense of humour…”


Mine took a huuuuge nosedive.

Here’s the proof… So far I there has been no email contact (unlike Sensis, who responded extremely quickly, and MSN, and AOL, and all the other big names I have helped over the years). Oh well, one of three things will happen. 1) They’ll get in touch with me and advise me that […]

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“Portions of Monster.com went black on Monday after attackers hijacked job listings hosted on the popular employment website and used them to spread malware to visitors, a security researcher said.”

“the site had been subject to an iFrame attack that was redirecting visitors to servers that hosted exploits from Neosploit, a nasty attack toolkit that competes […]

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