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Allmusic responds…

November 21st 2007 in Uncategorized

Yep, they know what’s going on…


And, I’ve received an email response (via my blog’s Contact Me link, not in response to the email that I sent).

In all fairness, I’ll show you the response that they sent – it’s only fair that they get the right of reply.  Please forgive the blocking out of some sensitive information – Steve’s name remains because it’s on Wikipedia anyway.


Sadly, my test system was hijacked again after I read the email from allmusic.com and after they had added the notification to their web site – the advertisement still had not been pulled.  Mind you, that was quite  a few hours ago; I have some test systems running as I type to see if the advertisement is still there (this is where Fiddler, and an application that forces a web page to reload every X seconds or minutes comes into its own – set and forget at its best.

(Edit: I’ve just been hit by another redirect many hours later – the problem is still there) – my test system is bouncing between two URLs and going no further, which is interesting.  The URLs are as follows, including the amazingly immature l33t speak aka “c10t4ing” – do they *really* think that’s impressive or clever?


Check this out –  to be honest it is very antisocial for the victim – I have *two* systems trapped in the same loop – talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!!  I don’t think I like the way that (presumably) adtraff is dealing with this problem  – the victim’s web browser is stuck on a blank white page, in an infinite loop.

Don’t be fooled by this small screen shot – my other system is sitting at 2,762 lines of capture, with the count increasing by 2 lines every few seconds.  It’s nuts!


What URL caused the above havoc?  Well, here is the referrer – I’m sure you’ll find it familiar….


Anyway, this afternoon’s hijack let me to MalwareAlarm, not Deuce Cleaner, so let’s have a look at this afternoon’s incident – did I find a 2nd infective advertisement or was it the same one? And, why did I end up at a different site?

My original report indicated that this URL was dangerous:


This afternoon it was this – same SWF but I ended up at a different site.


and again tonight – the same advertisement, but this time I was stuck in a loop at adtraff.


So, what does this tell us?  It tells us that the same SWF is being used to redirect users to different sites.

I have to ask though… what the heck is so hard about simply pulling the advertisement or, even better, deleting the aberrant afilliate’s account entirely?  It is *not* an acceptable solution to allow victims to be hijacked by a constantly looping adtraff setup.

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