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Fiddlercap has been updated

November 27th 2007 in Uncategorized

A new version (1.1) of FiddlerCap is available at http://www.fiddlercap.com.

The new version includes a checkbox that controls whether or not cookies and form POSTs are stored within the .SAZ file.

Fiddlercap is proving to be absolutely invaluable in the fight against malicious banner advertisements – Fiddlercap makes it easy for even the most inexperienced computer user to quickly and easily capture undeniable proof that a malicious banner advertisement is redirecting them away from a web site – proof that can be sent direct to me and other security professionals, a website’s technical support, and to advertising networks.  We can gather and distribute the proof we need to get malicious advertisements shut down faster than we have ever been able to.

My Christmas wish to Santa is that a version of Fiddler and Fiddlercap be released that will run on a MAC [;)] 

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“Fiddlercap has been updated”


I agree. Mac versions of these tools would be invaluable.

You start sounding the alarm, that’s what you do.  I urge you to read this link, and spread the word.
Take a close look at the URLs for the malware links; they are all random collections of letters and numbers, and they’re all Chinese domains.  Users of Google (and other web search engines) need to pay […]

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Santa has responded to my wish for Fiddler on a MAC.  He says:
“You can, however, run Fiddler on a Windows machine, and point the Mac’s proxy settings at WINMACHINE:8888. If Fiddler is configured to allow remote clients to connect, it will successfully proxy the traffic from the Mac. It’s non-trivial, but it does work.”
Cool trick!

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