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IE8 will pass Acid2

December 19th 2007 in Uncategorized

Yep, I thought that would get your attention [:)]

Microsoft have announced the following about Internet Explorer 8:

  1. Microsoft are targeting 1H08 (first half of 2008) to deliver IE8 beta 1.

  2. IE8 in standards mode now correctly renders the Acid2 Browser Test.  For compatibility purposes IE8’s rendering engine will default to “quirks” or “standards” mode.  Site developers will need to insert a new opt-in flag to request the page to render using “IE8 standards mode.”   Websites that are coded for previous versions of IE will behave in exactly the same way in IE8 unless the website authors opt-in to IE8 standards mode by placing a simple tag at the head of their HTML document.

  3. There will be an IE8 video made available at http://channel9.msdn.com/.

  4. IE8 will include “a number of innovative and beneficial features for enterprises, consumers and partners ” – details to come.

 More info on the team blog



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“IE8 will pass Acid2”


Is the “opt-in” flag specific to IE8, or is it generalized to Acid2 or other standards compliance in general?

As we know, there have been reports of some IE6 users running Windows XP SP2 having problems accessing web pages after installing the December IE Cumulative Update – IE stops responding.
The problem has apparently been restricted to some customised installations.
A Knowledgebase article has been released that discusses the problem, and the fix (modifying the registry).

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