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Yes, it’s malware

December 31st 2007 in Uncategorized

Don’t click on the link!

A quick-n-dirty check is to hover your mouse cursor over a link in an email to reveal what it *really* points to.

The first 3 links (with ticks beside them) point to a legitimate site, it is only the “pick up” link that is dangerous…


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“Yes, it’s malware”

Doug Woodall

Hi Sandi,
Im never surprised with the number of online users that dont know they can look below on the bottom of their screen and see where the URL they have highlighted will take them.

All the best for you and yours,

Over the Christmas break I have received reports of malicious banner advertisements hitting espn.com, Lycos mail and usatoday.com, as well as smaller sites such as adrants.com, marketingvox.com, minnesparare.com, all of which I am investigating. The above reports are bad enough, but by far the most worrying report that I received was the one alleging […]

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It’s a malicious Skyauction banner advertisement – again.
The guilty party is:
As always, burnads, blessedads and prevedmarketing are right in the midst of things as well.
I’ll post screenshots and full analysis and report to come in a few hours.  As always, a Fiddler capture is available for review by the appropriate authorities.

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