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Oooh, look, a IP address…..

January 24th 2008 in Uncategorized

Keep ’em coming friend.  *Everything* is traceable eventually.

image = LeaseWeb AS Amsterdam, Netherlands…. why am I not surprised?  The Netherlands has popped up several times in my recent articles about malware domains….


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I admit, when I saw the following emails come in I assumed it was the typical “infected computer spewing out emails using me as a reply to” that we are all used to, and delete as a matter of course, until I saw the one from rollins.edu. That seems to be the result of an […]

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IP detected as subscribing one of my email addresses to a mailing list without permission.
Reduce it down to 83.149.75… do a Google search.. and what do we find?   Connections with malware…. “malwarewipe.com”????
“http://malwarewipe.com/images/blue-gray-stripe.gif – deletedhttp:// – deletedhttp://www.surveyswages.com/img/laptop9.gif – deleted
“83.149.75.” is a blocked IP.
What’s cool is that I have only scratched the surface so far….. […]

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