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Pakistan hijacks YouTube…

February 25th 2008 in Uncategorized

Those of you with a technical mindset may find this explanation about what happened, and the timeline, informative:

Some chatter at NANOG (with a few glimmers of paranoia to add spice):


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Well, the EV problem experienced at Tim Callan’s blog has been fixed – by removing Google Analytics and Feedburner tracking code from the page.  I should point out that Google’s code was removed LAST, therefore it is possible that Feedburner may be blameless – we won’t know for sure unless the site is tested with […]

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I received an email tonight warning me that a Diane Samuels from forceup.com is contacting web sites wanting to place an advertising banner.  I was contacted by those behind a web site with checks in place that identified the advertising banner as “a virus of some sort”. The creative’s name was firstchoise_728x90.swf. “Diane Samuels” did […]

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