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A closer look at the Curves SWF

February 29th 2008 in Uncategorized



iexplorer-security.org has hidden some information behind Privacy Protect, but we can find out some things.

First, iexplorer-security.org is hosted by Masterhost in Russia.  Second, its nameservers are provided by the infamous eshosst.com (aka estdomains) – the list of malicious/fraudulent domains associated with Estdomains is staggering.

I’ll need to get in touch with Doubleclick about their appearance in a variable.


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Just like Skyauction, Emusic and QPAD before them, Firstchoice have advised that they have nothing to do with the malicious advertisements featuring their company.
I quote the contents of an email from Firstchoice to the web site that supplied the copy of the malicious advertisement from Forceup to me for analysis:
“1. Our site [is] firstchoice.co.uk not […]

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Oxfam does fantastic work – in fact several people received “Oxfam Unwrapped” gift cards from me for Christmas (donations on their behalf) – and it makes me FURIOUS to see Oxfam’s good name taken advantage of, and a malicious advertisement featuring their name used as a conduit to fraudware. I received a sample SWF today, […]

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