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February 29th 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, I said I would get in touch with Doubleclick – their response was interesting – I quote:

“it’s to confuse people… look you get the same results:



The original URL I provided was:


Each of those URL renders the same result – a plain white white page with the text “stats=917174773”

Oh, and guess who supplies the name servers for openadstream.net – yep, you guessed it – estboxes.com aka estdomains – a domain that has already been mentioned once in my blog today.


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I received this email today via my Spyware Sucks “Contact Me” link:
“At least a have a problem that i find no pleasent, i think it comes from your url, a receyve continusely messages that my pc is infected by viruses or spam.  I ask you for  all of your possibilitys no more sending those messages […]

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I received the following correspondence via email:
“I accidentally purchased MalwareAlarm and Registry Defragmentation. Advertized as $39.99. When I put in my credit card information, it turned out to be I was charged $79.99.
I spent 3 days calling them to get refund. Their telephone system is a hoax, too. sounds like I am in the waiting […]

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