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What the heck???

February 29th 2008 in Uncategorized

I received this email today via my Spyware Sucks “Contact Me” link:

“At least a have a problem that i find no pleasent, i think it comes from your url, a receyve continusely messages that my pc is infected by viruses or spam.  I ask you for  all of your possibilitys no more sending those messages in the future on my pc. What kan i do for removing this messages always a receyving ?  Ps) a appologise for the grammatical faults in the mail becaaause my english is not my primary language.”

Ok, so we all know that my blog does not harbour any advertisements that could trigger such an effect therefore I feel grave concern that his computer is already infected.

English is his second language so it is going to be difficult to assist him.  His email address is an @pandora.be address, so if anybody knows what his native language is, feel free to comment…


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“What the heck???”


Be stands for Belgium, so it would be French or Dutch (and judging his grammar I think the latter).


Only thing I know is, it’s Belgium.

Arti Cijntje

Hi Sandi,

seeing the .be the language will probably be Belgian Dutch or French. I believe that he might have a protection system that checks webcode or tags and responds with a block or warning. Blink from eEye also blocks your feeds when accessed from the feedlist in MS Outlook. If you wish I can send you a screenshot with the error I get.




Belgium. So his native language is either french or dutch, depending in which province s/he resides.


.be is Belgium, so his primary language is either Dutch or French (or, a very small chance: German).

He’ll probably understands English better than he writes it, as far as i know English is a mandatory subject on all Belgium schools.


He is Belgian.


He can run the free F Secure Scanner here in his local language (if he is Belgian)


kurt wismer

i believe .be indicates belgium… wikipedia says it’s a mostly french speaking country, but some speak dutch…


His/her primary language could be dutch or french.


.BE is Belgium, so he probably speaks French or Dutch or possibly German as his native language. Go here for more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Belgium.

Arti Cijntje

Hi all,

Uninstalling Blink and installing a different protection system indicates that protection media can be part of the problem accessing sites. Might just map in in the case my belgian neighbour is running into. (My loc is NL)

Kind regards



i’m from belgium and while his/her english is atrocious i can’t really tell for certain if he’s from the south (french) or the north ( flemish =~ dutch ). he seems to write phonetically pieces of in some places but it’s a mixed batch, eg: Kan is dutch …
but he uses the a instead of i which is typical for french people.
i hope this makes sense. and i’m really appaled by the first poster’s comment! in general dutch people are more proficient with english than french people since the french language is a very odd latin-roman language (this goes both ways, the dutch speaking people have a hard time learning spanish, italian, romanian, …), while the french seem to have no problem with it whatsoever.

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