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Crazy looping malware….

March 25th 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow… I just saw one outta control copy of Internet Explorer …

As near as I can tell, youhide.com, a web proxy service for anonymous web surfing, has been infiltrated by malicious banner advertisements.. again…

But this time, so many MalwareAlarm windows opened, the situation could not be controlled. Nor was Task Manager accessible to shut down the iexplore.exe process.  The only option – pull the power.

I’ll be taking a close look at youhide.com tonight from the safety of a virtual machine – it’s not the first time that that service has had a problem.


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Boyd Anderson posted this comment tonight:
“What can Classmates do about xponlinescanner.com/2008/1/freescan.php?aid=77011807?”
This was my response:
What can classmates.com do?
First, source reliable instructions and advice on how to get rid of xponlinescanner from any reputable anti-spyware advisory forum, and get that information out to their clients.
Second, conduct more comprehensive checks into the background and bona fides of those […]

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