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EULA screw-up: installing Safari on a Windows system in in breach of the Safari EULA

March 26th 2008 in Uncategorized

Cite: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/26/apple_safari_eula_paradox/

Via: http://www.setteb.it/content/view/3647

According to the Register article, we can’t be sued for not reading the EULA and installing Safari on Windows, but that doesn’t make this slip up any less embarrassing for Apple.

The grumblings about the Safari push are getting louder; there is an interesting conversation on the patchmanagement mailing list with unhappiness being the order of the day – there are upset administrators out there who are having to deal with what, in reality, is unauthorised software on their networks that is only there because many of them felt that they had no choice but to allow the Apple Software Update mechanism to be installed on their users’ computers when a critical security update for QuickTime could only be downloaded via that tool.  It is bad enough that we were forced to install the Update Mechanism so that we could get the security patch – now insult has been added to the injury by Apple using that security mechanism to introduce new, unauthorised, unwanted, software to our users.

We await Apple’s reaction to all this unhappiness with bated breath – let’s hope their response (assuming they make one) is not as badly thought out as their now infamous “Video iPod Virus” statement.


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