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Malvertizement problems continue at Yahoo

April 26th 2008 in Uncategorized

Edit: the malvertizement has been removed from circulation 

Here it is at Yahoo Mail:

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Edit: the malvertizement has been removed from circulation 
Here it is, in situ – it is familiar, yes?
This is the URL of the malvertizement:eur.a1.yimg.com/java.europe.yahoo.com/eu/any/yahoonew728x90.swf
The malicious SWF leads us to:adtds2.promoplexer.com/statsa.php?campaign=yahoo
Any other site that uses Yahoo advertising (Yahoo mail, or Ebay for example) could potentially expose visitors to the malvertizement and fraudware sites.

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Edit: the malvertizement has been removed from circulation 
And another one – the URL for this one is:
Even if you don’t get redirected, the malvertizement still let’s the bad guys know that it is on display by sending info to adtds2.promoplexer.com/statsa.php?campaign=yahoo and adsraise.com/mbuyers/statistics.html

Yahoo is one of the few companies where I *don’t* have a high […]

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