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Yahoo aren’t listening…

April 26th 2008 in Uncategorized

Edit: the malvertizements have been removed from circulation .

And still the problems continue….

I wonder how many hits Yahoo gets per day, and how many people are being exposed to fraudware, while these advertisements are allowed to remain online…




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“Yahoo aren’t listening…”


Did i miss something? What’s wrong with these ads?

Samuel Loirat

Got some contacts at Yahoo UK, So I can let them know. Beside this I saw those ads creatives scanned recently with the tool and they were clean



Uh, yeah, you are missing something – a lot actually.

I’m not going to reiterate what is already on this blog – sufficient to send you to look at this:

Yahoo advertisement check (the square dare to wear black):


Yahoo advertisement check – the rectangular one:


ASAP Warrior

Just copy the link and open it with a network aware text editor such as TextPad and you’ll see for yourself just by looking at the source code.

Just make sure you have a clean pair of shorts handy.

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There are three complaints about malicious advertisements being supplied by ReachWe in that discussion.
You’ll note that somebody who claims to be from Yahoo posted a comment to that discussion on 16 April claiming to have been supplied malvertizements by ReachWe.  Yet here we are, seeing malvertizements on Yahoo sites even now.  It seems […]

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