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p-mediaonline.com – exercise caution if dealing with them….

April 27th 2008 in Uncategorized

Earlier I posted an alert that ReachWe (reachwe.com) has been caught distributing malvertizements.

Kimberley has written about another advertising service that shares IP with reachwe.com – P-mediaonline.com – discussed here:

reachwe.com and p-mediaonline.com have the same Flash navigation on the opening pages.

P-mediaonline.com was created on 4 April 2008; reachwe.com was created on 6 December 2007.

And, to add to the “yuck” factor, Kimberly uncovers another domain that uses the same contact email address in its WHOIS details as ReachWe – the domain has the charming name of pussy-juice.net and yes, it too has a sample of the SWF used by reachwe.com and P-mediaonline.com, albeit with a lot of placeholder text, at pussy-juice.net/base.swf:

reachwe.com;s “Administrative Contact”: Martin, Sten smith.realty@yahoo.com
pussy-juice.net uses: Rudenkov, Pavel smith.realty@yahoo.com


Screenshots of pussy-juice.net/base.swf – note the details in the Contact Us pane and the URL in the address bar:




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Edit: the malvertizements have been removed from circulation .
And still the problems continue….
I wonder how many hits Yahoo gets per day, and how many people are being exposed to fraudware, while these advertisements are allowed to remain online…

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Kimberley found these ones – full information here:http://www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=ae5aae56f29889c26c465d6f3aa4e9c1&showtopic=18064&st=30&p=87072&#entry87072
atlas-ads.com is registered using the infamous Estdomains, and if you try to visit the domain you are automatically redirected to the Microsoft owned atlassolutions.com – but don’t be fooled – atlas-ads.com has nothing to do with Microsoft.
The appropriate parties have been notified.
Malvert 1 – featuring Neopets: atlas-ads.com/23486/728×90.swf

Malvert 2 […]

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