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Problems with website certificates – IE7

May 4th 2008 in Uncategorized

Over the past few days I have seen a spike in the number of emails asking for help with website certificates.  For example, two correspondents have written:

Thanks for providing the information about problems with certificates of IE7 in your website.  I tried to follow your instructions to access a secured site in IE 7 which I used to trust.  I clicked on the Certificate Error button, and then the View Certificate link, but I could not find the Install Certificate link or button.  Please advise.


I admin a Citrix site that uses a SSL cert from verisign. We just renewed our cert. and I have a user running Vista and IE 7 who cant remove the old cert because the button is grayed out. After looking over your IE support site I was going to try lowering security to see if that works. The user claims he has admin rights to the PC.

Both users should run IE7 with Administrator rights (which is different to logging in to the computer as a local administrator).  This is achieved by right clicking the IE7 icon, then selecting “Run as Administrator”.


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