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I love it when spammers screw up…

May 5th 2008 in Uncategorized

As irritating as it may be to have to approve every comment to this blog, and as disheartening as it is to know that the cretins behind spam are using tools that maximize output whilst minimizing personal effort, I still derive pleasure from seeing them screw up.

Spyware Sucks was hit by a spike in spam comments that managed to get through the filters, BUT I was pleased to see that every single comment that got through the filters contained the same error – it seems that an attention to detail and the ability to complete the fields in a spam-tool properly is not a quality enjoyed by this particular spammer…

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Another cry for help received via email…
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I have been reading through the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report covering the period July through to December 2007 over the past few days.  Although the bulk of the report focuses on security vulnerabilities, there are statistics specific to “rogue security software” (aka fraudware) and “potentially unwanted software” that I found interesting:

The most prevalent rogue security […]

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