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Important information about Windows XP SP3 for Internet Explorer users

May 6th 2008 in Uncategorized

You will be unable to remove IE8 Beta or IE7 after installing Windows XP SP3 because Microsoft wants to make sure that you do not encounter a problem commonly known as DLL Hell“.

IE8 Beta 1 users

You will NOT be offered Windows XP SP3 unless and until you remove IE8 Beta 1.  This is because if you install  windows XP SP3 without removing IE8 Beta 1, then you will no longer be able to remove IE8 Beta 1 and the Remove option will be greyed out in Add/Remove Programs.

Internet Explorer 7 Users

You will be offered Windows XP SP3 as a high priority update BUT if you install it you will not be able to remove IE7 without removing Windows XP SP3 first.  It is recommended that you remove IE7, then install Windows XP SP3 then re-install IE7.

Internet Explorer 6 Users

You will be offered Windows XP SP3 as a high priority update.  Windows XP SP3 ships with an updated version of IE6.  No need to do anything else.


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“Important information about Windows XP SP3 for Internet Explorer users”


Thank you for this warning.
However, how important is it to be able to remove IE7 (after installing SP3); will it be a prerequisite to installing final version of IE8?



You will not need to remove IE7 before installing the final version of IE8, nor is IE7 a pre-requisite for IE8.

You *may* need to remove older builds of IE8 itself before installing its final version. We’re too early in the process to know what the requirements will be in in that case.



Thank you for this prompt answer.
However, in that case, why are you saying:
< Internet Explorer 7 Users You will be offered Windows XP SP3 [...]. It is recommended that you remove IE7, then install Windows XP SP3 then re-install IE7. >
What is the importance of following this procedure (removing IE7, installing SP3, re-installing IE7) for raw users that are not testing IE8 (e.g. what advice should I give to friends who are not computer experts, that are not testing beta versions, before they install SP3)

Poncho West

Just tried to install SP3 on 2 systems, AMD 3GHZ and 3.5GHZ, both with over 1GB ram and GeForce 6800XT video cards. One install stoped half way through and just sat there, the other one got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. They are both back to the SP2 and will stay that way for a LONG, LONG time. You know there is a VERY hot place in HELL for these guys, I say guys because Girls would never be so DUMB to put out something thats TRASH.

Leo Mahon

Am no computer expert but had a problem installing SP3 on desktop PC. By trial and error, I shut down all anti-spyware apps I had running. After that, SP3 installed perfectly-much to my surprise.

I also used this ‘way’ on my laptop and a smooth install SP3 ensued.

I reactivated the anti spyware and ran them – no baddies got in during the update(s)

Hope this may be useful to others


Mike Olson

After watching SP3 install, heart in my throat, there’s no way I’m going to uninstall it, uninstall IE7, install it, then install IE7.

Freezing IE7 on my PC just chaps me.  Will this freeze continue when IE8 is in general release?  Has any other software vendor ever frozen an outdated version of software on a PC?

30 years in programming….

James Kinney

After installing the SP3 update I began having problems.  When connecting to the internet, it became very slow.  Now when I go to reply to an email using Microsoft Office Email Editor it says that it is opening but the window just sits there and nothing happens.

I called Microsoft and got a service rep in India and he said I had a problem with the EXE and DLL files and he could fix it.

Then he asked me which credit card I wanted to use!  

I asked him why they were going to charge me $119 to fix their problem?

Is there a solution to this problem?

If so mail james @ money partners . net with SP3 in the subject line.

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