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Me.dium has undergone a major rework…

May 7th 2008 in Uncategorized

We have gone from this…                     to this….                                          Or this… showing only online friends.

image    image   image 

And we get a choice of backgrounds.  The last background, “70s Tux”, doesn’t seem to be working properly on my system.

Me.dium have chosen to turn off “find similar pages” by default; instead, Me.dium will only show you the pages that your online friends are currently viewing.  The Talk and Friend tabs are gone, and the Friend and Facebook panes can be closed.. 

You can only chat to people on your friends list, and the shout-out pane which anybody could use to “talk” to other Me.dium users is gone.

Unfortunately it has been necessary for me to remove the Me.dium widgets from my blog and website because the widgets are triggering certificate errors in Internet Explorer, specfically a warning that the certificate being presented by Me.dium was issued for a different web site’s address.   This error can occur if a company owns several websites and uses a certificate that was issued for one web address for another site and does not necessary indicate a security problem at the site, but it is still disturbing for visitors to my blog, and I do not like to contribute to desensitising people to security alerts (which is what I would be doing if I told people to ignore the error, or install the certificate despite the error), therefore the widget goes until the certificate issue is fixed.

image    image    image 
         Original                                                Night                                                    Moss

  image    image    image
                     Icy                                                  Gum                                               70s Tux

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“Me.dium has undergone a major rework…”

Ginevra Figg

Just popping in from the Me.dium team to say thanks for the write up. I also wanted to let you know we are in the middle of updated the certificate issues so the problem should be fixed shortly.

Friend me, gfigg in me.dium, if you’d like to chat about the new changes..etc.

thanks again for the awesome write up


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Vulnerable versions:
Akamai Technologies Inc’s DownloadManagerV2.ocx version […]

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